Property Sale in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has become very attractive place for buying property in the last few years. With beautiful and unique nature, clean sand beaches and snow covered mountains, Bulgaria attracts many tourists and property buyers. But what attracts the buyers the most is the extremely low property prices. For example, in the country side you can find houses for less than 5000 Euro just on 10-20 km from the seacoast. Or, you can buy house in the mountain, surrounded by divine nature, for less than 2500 Euro. Sounds good, isn't it? That's the reason for what everyone looks for property sales in Bulgaria.

So, beside all the good house and apartment offers, there are a couple of bad ones. Here is a list what to beware for when you search for a property sale in Bulgaria:

  • First of all, avoid to buy from people with letter of attorney, who looks suspisious. There are a couple of frauds made with fake letters of attorney. Try to meet the real owner of the property.
  • If there is no water or electricity, see is there a way to make one.
  • Check is there an option for cable TV and Internet, if you can not live without them. There is no way to get one in the villages with small population. Also keep in mind that the Internet is expensive in Bulgaria.
  • If you plan to make some improvements or repairs, calculate how much they'll cost. The construction materials are not cheap in Bulgaria
  • Check for nearby store. In the villages with small population there is no full time working stores.
  • You must see if all the bills and taxes are paid (electricity, water, etc). You might be badly surprised when you see bill for 500$ that you have to pay.
  • When you buy a house, check carefully the company. See if they have a proper street address and landline number.
  • You might ask in Internet (forums) if anyone has been working with the company that's selling you the property. Do a search in Google for the company name and see if there are no plaints.

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