Apartment Sale in Bulgaria

You want to buy an apartment in Bulgaria ? The best places for finding apartment for sale in Bulgaria are Sofia (capital city, good night life, mountain nearby, airport), Varna (sea city, good night life, divine beaches nearby, airport), Sunny Beach (resort near Burgas, great beaches, wonderful atmosphere), Golden Sands (resort near Varna, great beaches) and Bansko (in the mountain, ski resort). Ask yourself what you want - sea or mountain, and choose your place.

Here are some useful advices for finding the best apartment for sale in Bulgaria :

  • Don't buy an apartment in the end quarters. There is dangerous for foreign citizens.
  • Better buy an apartment in a brick building. It is better isolated, and less noisy. And it stands for a lot more time.
  • If you look for something less costly, look up in Burgas, Kavarna or Balchik. They are wonderful Bulgarian towns, and the most important, the price is more than twice cheaper than Varna and Sofia.
  • Apartment with sea/mountain view looks much better than apartment with block view.
  • Look for leeks. Sometimes they are impossible to fix.
  • If you have kids, search for an apartment with nearby children on the same age as yours.

Don't forget to leave money for furniture. Good luck!

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