Property sale in Bulgaria

The truth about Bulgaria

You have probably heard about Bulgaria in the press or by paid announces. Almost all of them will tell you that Bulgaria is a great for investment. But there is a little amount of news that warns you to keep away from that place? Where is the truth about the Bulgarian property market? In January […]


Alternatives of the Bulgarian properties market

You know our goal here is not to make advertisement of Bulgaria and its properties, but to inform you well how the things really are. So, is the value of the Bulgarian properties so under priced than the rest of the European property market? Compared to other European popular holiday and property destinations Bulgaria offers […]


Mladost – the newest property pearl of Sofia

What to know what is the big hit of the property market of Sofia? It’s “Mladost”! So, what is “Mladost”? “Mladost” is an urban municipality in Sofia. It is among the most modern and fast developing areas of Sofia and is a good place for investment. “Mladost” is located in the east side of Sofia. […]


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