Property sale in Balchik

Balchik is one of the most attractive Bulgarian towns. With Albena and Kranevo nearby, and his long history, the properties in Balchik have great value. Here is a short description of the positive and negative sides of the property sale in Balchik ...

Positive sides:

  • Houses , apartments and land available.
  • The property prices are lower compared to Varna.
  • Almost every house has a sea view.
  • Beachfront resort of Albena nearby.
  • The biggest botanic garden in Bulgaria is in Balchik.
  • Calm town, small traffic even the summer.
  • Road for bicycles from Albena to Balchik.

Negative sides:

  • The nearest airport is in Varna (40 km away).
  • No sand beaches.
  • A lot of climbing roads.

My advice - buy a house in Balchik , not apartment. There is full with beautiful old houses, with stunning sea view. Better buy something on the seacoast. If you want a house near Balchik or land near Balchik - better look at the nearby village of Kranevo. There are great beaches, but it is a little expensive.

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