Property sale in Bansko

Located at the foot of Pirin (Southwestern Bulgaria), Bansko is the perfect destination for the people loving winter sports. The city offers the perfect conditions for summer tourism, as well. With its beautiful virgin pine woods, mountain peaks, and the thermal mineral springs, Bansko attracts many tourists looking for a calm, clean place to take a rest, away from the noise and the dirt of the big city.

If you are a real music lover, you must know that the biggest Bulgarian music festivals are taking place right here. You can enjoy to one of the best Bulgarian musicians.

Here we have some pros and cons:

Positive sides:

  • Houses , apartments and land available.
  • The property prices are not very high.
  • Almost every house has a beautiful mountain view.
  • Only 95 km away from the capital Sofia.
  • The houses are built in traditional bulgarian old style.

Negative sides:

  • In Bansko there is no central heating system. It gets really cold in the winter so you must find a way to warm the house (Electricity/Oil/Gas).
  • Possible problems with landslides.
  • A lot of climbing roads.
  • The prices of the food and generally everything are much higher in Bansko than the other Bulgarian cities.

My advice - buy a house in Bansko , not an apartment. There is plenty of old houses that you may turn in to a great place to live or rest with a little extra money for repairs. If you want a house near Bansko or land near Bansko - better look at the nearby village of Banya located only 5 km from the town. Banya is known for its 27 thermal mineral springs.

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