Property sale in Golden Sands

Golden Sands are one of the biggest Bulgarian resorts. With his perfect sand beaches, and the city of Varna nearby, the properties in Golden Sands have great touristic value. Here is a short description of the positive and negative sides of the property sale in Golden Sands ...

Positive sides:

  • Houses , apartments and land available.
  • One of the biggest Bulgarian resorts.
  • Perfect beaches.
  • Building 20 meters from the seacoast.
  • Varna is very near (10 km).

Negative sides:

  • Very high property prices.
  • Food price are extremely high.
  • Can be used only at the summer.
  • High traffic. You have to get used to rushing cars all around you.
  • Too overcrowded and built up.

My advice - buy a small house near Golden Sands , or luxury apartment in Golden Sands . If you can spend more money - buy a land somewhere near. You'll need a lot of money to build your own house there.

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