Property sale in Kavarna

Kavarna is one of the most beautiful Bulgarian cities. With the nearby nature reserves, the properties in Kavarna are real gold. Here is a short description of the positive and negative sides of the property sale in Kavarna ...

Positive sides:

  • Houses , apartments and land available.
  • The property prices are lower compared to Varna.
  • Great clean beaches.
  • Nature reserves like Kaliakra nearby.
  • Beachfront resort of Rusalka nearby.
  • An 18-hole golf course is being developed nearby.
  • Calm town, small traffic even the summer.
  • The biggest concerts in Bulgaria take place in Kavarna.
  • The perfect place for the bikers. Almost everyone in this city has a bicycle.
  • Cheap food.

Negative sides:

  • The nearest airport is in Varna (60 km away).

My advice - if you want to buy apartment in Kavarna , better look at the center or near the sea. If you want a house near Kavarna or land near Kavarna - better look at the nearby village of Kamen Briag.

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