Property sale in Nessebar

Nessebar is an excellent choice for people loving the sea and the old Bulgarian culture. City with great history and many historical attractions, included by UNESCO in its list of World Heritage Sites. Nessebar is also very attractive for the tourists because of its immediate proximity of Sunny Beach.

Unfortunately, the popularity of the city makes it very crowded place, so you might be interested in buying house in the nearest villages .

Here we have some pros and cons:

Positive sides:

  • Houses , apartments and land available.
  • The property prices are not very high.
  • Almost every house has a beautiful sea view.
  • Only 40 km away from Burgas.
  • The houses are built in traditional bulgarian old style.

Negative sides:

  • Possible problems with landslides.
  • Very crowded and noisy in the summer.
  • The prices of the food and generally everything are much higher in Nessebar than the other Bulgarian cities.

My advice - buy a house in Nessebar , not an apartment if you want to use it for living and not only for vacations. There is plenty of old houses that you may turn in to a great place to live with a little extra money for repairs. If you want some calm place, to rest and recharge the batteries, you must not look in Nessebar. Better look in the nearest villages.

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