Property sale in Sofia

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria. People interested in property sale in Sofia usually have business related with Bulgaria. Here is a short description of the positive and negative sides of the property sale in Sofia ...

Positive sides:

  • Houses and apartments available.
  • You can stay in touch with your Bulgarian partners.
  • Mountain nearby.
  • Ski path nearby.
  • The city has airport.
  • There are several malls in Sofia. The city is perfekt for shopping.
  • The biggest zoo in Bulgaria is in Sofia.

Negative sides:

  • The property prices are very high compared to other Bulgarian cities.
  • Food price is higher than the average Bulgarian price.
  • Trashes between the blocks in several quarters.
  • The traffic is big problem. Trying to cross the center of Sofia with a car is a real challenge.

My advice - if you want to buy apartment in Sofia , better look at the center area, or at hotel Pliska area. If you want a house in Sofia - look at Dragalevtsi area or Simeonovo area. The other quarters might be dangerous for foreign people.

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