Property sale in Varna

Varna is a very attractive place at the Bulgarian property market. Here is a short description of the positive and negative sides of the property sale in Varna ...

Positive sides:

  • Houses and apartments available.
  • The beach resort Golden Sands is 15 minutes away.
  • Divine beaches outside the city.
  • The city has airport.
  • The city has dolphinarium - a good attraction for the new visitors.
  • The biggest garden in Bulgaria is in Varna. Relaxing and practicing sports in the 'Seaside garden' is daily activity for the citizens of Varna.
  • Wonderful night life.

Negative sides:

  • The property prices are very high compared to other Bulgarian cities.
  • Food price is higher than the average Bulgarian price.
  • The beaches in the city are dirty.
  • Trashes between the blocks and in the gardens.
  • The traffic is big problem. Trying to cross the center of Varna with a car is a real challenge.

My advice - if you want to buy apartment in Varna , better look at the center, or near the palace of sports, or at Pochivka area, or at Chaika area. If you want a house in Varna - look at Trakata area. The other quarters might be dangerous for foreign people.

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