House Sale in Bulgaria

So, you choose to buy a house in Bulgaria ? Here are some advices that you can find useful when you look for a house sale in Bulgaria :

  • Ask how the problem with the drain system stands. Is everything legal? In some regions of Bulgaria there is a problem with landslides.
  • If the bathroom is outside, see is it possible to make an inside one. Sometimes you will need to change the whole drain system to make an inside bathroom
  • Some regions are often flooded. Better don't buy a house in such region.
  • Older houses have often problem with the roof. Check it.
  • Avoid buying Bulgarian house near a railroad. It's a noisy place.
  • Is there a good road to the house?
  • A river nearby is a good idea. You can fish, swim at the summer, and listen to the relaxing sound of the water.
  • If you plan to use the house only on your vacations, better buy house in more populated area. In places with less people there are thieves who rob uninhabited houses.

Of course, the most important thing is to like the house, or to have interesting things nearby. Good luck!

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