Land Sale in Bulgaria

Buying a land in Bulgaria is good choice when you want to build brand new house. Here are some advices which will help you to find the perfect Bulgarian land :

  • Beware of landslides. They are common problem at the seacoast.
  • If the land is next to a river, see can it be flooded.
  • The place must be flat, or with very little dip. Flatting the land is an expensive procedure.
  • See is there a way to make a drain system.
  • Ask how long will take to make water-main and to be added to the electricity network. In some places these things take months.
  • See are there people who speak English. In many regions of Bulgaria there are no people who speak English
  • Buy the land nearby if you don't want to see a hotel instead of a sea view 2 years later.

I hope this will help you to find a land for your Bulgarian dream house . Good luck!

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